• DEYE Hybrid inverter SUN-50K-SG01HP3-EU-BM4 3-phase

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Deye SUN-50K-SG01HP3-EU-BM4 - Three-phase 50kW Hybrid Inverter

For professionals who prioritise power and reliability, the Deye SUN-50K-SG01HP3-EU-BM4 is an excellent choice. With an impressive power output of 50kW, this innovative three-phase hybrid inverter represents robustness and efficiency at the highest level. Highly regarded for its advanced technology, Deye combines experience with on-grid functionality to guarantee not only powerful output, but also seamless integration into the power grid. The reduction in energy losses translates into an increased return on investment. For experienced fitters and installers, this model is a guarantee of robustness and performance for years to come.

Invest in the Deye SUN-50K-SG01HP3-EU-BM4 to deliver energy to the latest standards. Power, robustness, innovation - all in one, ensuring efficient operation of the hybrid inverter.


Max. charge/discharge current 74A
Supports diesel generator energy storage
Max. 16 in parallel for on- and off-grid operation, support for multiple batteries in parallel
Can be connected to DC and AC for upgrading an existing solar system 
6 battery charge/discharge periods
High-voltage battery, higher efficiency
100% unbalanced power, each phase; max. output up to 50% of rated power

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