• DEYE Battery AI-W5.1 5.12kWh

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DEYE Battery AI-W5.12  

Safer and more reliable
The AI-W5.1 is equipped with cobalt-free LFP batteries for greater safety and long life. Thanks to an intelligent battery management system (BMS), this battery provides full protection and ensures high discharge power. The IP55-rated housing and wide operating temperature range (-20°C to 55°C) make it suitable for a variety of environments.

Flexible and scalable
The modular design of the AI-W5.1 allows for easy expansion with up to six clusters in parallel (36 units) and a maximum capacity of 184 kWh. This flexibility allows the system to be tailored to specific energy needs for both residential and commercial applications.

Convenient and environmentally friendly
The AI-W5.1 features automatic linking of battery modules and automatic IP addressing, making maintenance and remote monitoring child's play. The system also allows for remote firmware updates. Constructed from environmentally friendly materials, the entire module is non-toxic and pollution-free, providing an environmentally friendly energy storage solution.

Quick and easy installation
With a flat, stackable design, the AI-W5.1 can be floor-mounted and requires no additional wiring or mounting screws. This design allows for quick and easy installation, saving time and effort.

Key technical data:

-Battery chemistry: lithium iron phosphate (LFP)
-Battery module energy: 5.1 kWh
-Battery module voltage: 51,2 V
-Battery module capacity: 100 Ah
-Scalability: max. 6 clusters in parallel (36 units), Max. capacity 184 kWh
-Operating voltage: 43.2 V ~ 57.6 V
-Life cycle: ≥6000 (25°C ± 2°C, 0.5°C/0.5°C, 70% EOL)
-Warranty period: 10 years
-Energy capacity: 16 MWh (battery module @70%EOL)
-Invest in the Deye AI-W5.1 lithium iron-phosphate battery and experience a safer, more reliable, flexible and environmentally friendly energy storage solution for residential or commercial needs. With its modular design, quick installation and convenient features, the AI-W5.1 is the ideal choice for optimising energy consumption and reducing grid dependency.

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