• CanadianSolar HiKu6 CS6L-MS Mono PERC 455W Black frame

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Canadian Solar 455 HiKu6 CS6L-MS BF Photovoltaic Panel.

Canadian Solar manufactures the highest quality photovoltaic modules and solutions for solar systems. Canadian Solar 455W HiKu6 CS6L-455W photovoltaic module features extremely high quality and durability ensured by rigorous BOM testing.

The main features of the HiKu6 CS6L-455 photovoltaic panel:

Excellent efficiency of up to: 21.3% - means it can efficiently convert more solar energy into electricity compared to some other photovoltaic panels.
High mechanical strength and minimizes the impact of micro-cracks
Harsh-weather resistant IP68 connectors -The IP68 connectors mean they are resistant to water and dust, which increases the panel's durability and reliability even in harsh weather conditions.
Enhanced shade tolerance
Technology to mitigate the LID effect associated with panel aging -contributes to maintaining stable panel performance over a longer period of time.
25-year linear power output warranty and 12-year product warranty on material

These features make the HiKu6 CS6L-455 photovoltaic panel an attractive solution for those looking for efficient, durable and weatherproof panels for solar power generation.

Product details:

Power: 455 watts
Cells: Half-Cell, Monocrystalline
Number of cells: 120
Frame (color): Black
Dimensions: 1903 × 1134 × 30 mm
Panel weight: 24.2 kg
Model: CS6L-455
Manufacturer: Canadian Solar

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