• Cable Tie Black 200*4.8mm UV Pack: 100 pcs.

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CABLE TIES 4.8x200 mm UV black 100pcs
Cable Ties are used for fastening and fastening bundles of cables, wires, hoses, tubes, identification plates, etc. They are made of durable polyamide 66. The special features include: high resistance to external factors and fire resistance, thanks to the use of UL94V2 qualified materials. Price per 100 pieces.
    colour: black
    UV resistance ASTM D6779
    material: polyamide 66
    halogen-free: yes
    UL certificate: yes
    detachable: no
    attachment method: clamping
    quantity: 100 pieces
    Resistance to external agents - Yes
    Resistance to fire (using UL94V2 classified materials) - Yes
    Moisture absorption when exposed to air with 50% U.R. - 2.7%
2 Thermal:
    Application temperature -40°C ÷ +85°C
    Installation temperature -10°C ÷ +60°C
    Maximum instantaneous operating temperature - +100°C
    Melting temperature - +256°C
    Resistance to oils, fats, detergents, refinery products, chlorinated solvents and alcohols - Yes
    Resistance to phenol - No